2. Set Up Your Account

The Account Manager allows users to manage zUSD funds to be used as margin for Futures Trade while keeping balances separate from other products such as Spot Trade and Stake.

Account Manager also serves as an automation layer for trading tools such as limit, stop, take profit and stop-loss orders. This is achieved thanks to the implementation of keeper contracts powered by Gelato Network that execute smart contract calls when certain customizable parameters are met like, for example, the market price of a certain zAsset. Users can easily deposit and withdraw Testnet zUSD and Arbitrum Sepolia ETH to their Account Manager for a seamless trading experience.

Create Account

To start trading on Futures, users must first create an Account to manage their zUSD balances and deposit the required gas for automation tools performed by the keeper contract.

In the top-right corner, click on “Create Account” and approve the transaction in your wallet to start your journey on Horizon Futures.

Deposit Margin

The Account Manager keeps Futures Margin balances separate from the Spot and Stake balances. In order to start trading, users must deposit zUSD to the Account Manager. zUSD is used as margin for trades on all the available Futures Trade Markets

Input the amount of zUSD to deposit and click on the DEPOSIT MARGIN button to start trading on Horizon Futures.

Withdraw Margin

Users can withdraw available zUSD from the Account Manager at any time. Unused margin will show as withdrawable balance, while used margin will be unavailable until the position backed by each margin is closed. Once withdrawn from the Account Manager, zUSD balance will become available in the users’ wallet for Spot Trade, Stake or transfer.

Input the amount of zUSD to withdraw and click on the WITHDRAW MARGIN button to transfer zUSD out of the Account Manager and back to your wallet.

Keeper Manager

Users must deposit gas balance to the Keeper Manager to pay for automation gas fees. The keeper contract, powered by Gelato, allows for automated trading tools such as Limit, Stop, Take Profit and Stop-Loss orders. For a seamless trading experience, users need to keep the Keeper funded with a sufficient balance at all times.

Input the amount of BNB (or for testnet, Arbitrum Sepolia ETH) and use the DEPOSIT button to fund the Keeper so that the Keeper has gas for automated transactions.

All set! Now that you have zUSD Margin added to your Account and Arbitrum Sepolia ETH for the Keeper, it's time to explore all you can do with Horizon Futures!

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