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Glossary and Definitions
This will be a list of definitions that we will gradually add on to to help readers understand the various terms.

Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets are tokenized derivatives, which are contracts that represent the underlying value of an asset, without requiring actually holding the asset itself.
Synthetic assets can be stocks, tokens, indices, NFTs, or other financial products and are produced to mimic the original asset, typically in the form of its price. For example, a synthetic asset of a stock would mimic the price fluctuations of the stock, while a synthetic asset of a token would mimic the price fluctuations of the token.

Mirrored Assets

A subset of synthetic assets. Mirrored assets are synthetic assets that mirror existing assets in the market place, including crypto and traditional financial assets.

Defi Derivatives

Financial derivatives in DeFi. An all encompassing term for all potential derivative contracts that exists or can exist in the DeFi environment.
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