Horizon Improvement Proposals

Welcome to the Horizon Improvement Proposals!

Horizon Protocol aims to become a fully functioning DAO. We strongly believe that Community Governance is the future, therefore, we will be introducing all potential changes to the protocol to the community first in the form of HIPs, or Horizon Improvement Proposals.

Active Proposals

Completed Proposals

Feedback and Questions

Who can propose a HIP? Anybody can propose a HIP. At this time, please reach out to a Community Manager if you would like to propose a HIP. In the future, we intend to have a portal for submitting HIPs.

Will there be a constitution for the DAO? Yes. The hardest part about building a DAO is choosing the right constitution. We are constantly exploring what might make the most sense and we will gradually establish the pieces to get ourselves closer to a constitution.

Do HIPs needs to be voted? Every HIP will have a vote and the results will be taken into advisement as for whether or not the proposal goes forward or not.

Should HZN be used as a governance token to vote for the implementation of the proposal? HZN will definitely be part of the equation when considering governance, but it will most likely not be the only factor.

Will there be some rules for % to pass different kinds of proposals? This is something that will be gradually established as we figure out how the constitution will work.

Will the DAO be in charge of managing the Community Fund? Yes, this is the goal. This will be a step that occurs after the constitution is established. The DAO, and therefore, the community, will be in charge of the Community Fund and will take part in deciding where the funds will be spent.

If we need to open the possibility of emergency changes in the protocol without using HIPs, how is that gonna work? This is a very good point and part of the reason why we need to take some more time to explore what is the best constitution format to adopt.

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