On/Off Ramp Liquidity

Having sufficient on/off ramp liquidity is crucial to enable traders to enter or exit their trades. It is the first step in obtaining zAssets from the open market.

Traders have three primary methods for acquiring assets:

  • Swapping between USDC/zUSD or BNB/zBNB on Wombat Exchange Wombat Exchange offers competitive swap fees, currently set at just 0.01%. Additionally, the presence of their specialized algorithm helps maintain a balanced pool, resulting in low slippage. Yield can be earned by providing liquidity on Wombat Exchange, detailed instructions on becoming a liquidity provider can be found in this how-to guide.

  • Stake HZN and mint zUSD By acquiring HZN and staking it directly into the protocol, you can mint/borrow your own zUSD. Staking also allows you to earn trading fees generated by the exchange and HZN generated by the token’s monetary inflation policy. zUSD minted by staking HZN is overcollateralized to ensure collateralization security of the zAsset market. This method is not the most collateral-efficient way to get zUSD, but it comes with a high-yield return by staking HZN.

  • Wrappers and Loans (coming soon) With Horizon Protocol wrappers, traders will have the option to wrap their crypto directly into their zAsset counterpart (i.e. USDC to zUSD, BNB to zBNB) at a 1:1 ratio with no slippage. This will be the most capital-efficient way to acquire zAssets. Traders can also choose to leverage their crypto collateral by borrowing zAssets against them in the form of loans. All zAssets created through wappers and loans also contribute to the global zAsset market. More information about loans and wrappers will be shared in the near future.

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