Account Management (FAMS)

FAMS, which stands for Futures Account Management System, enables features such as stop and limit orders on Horizon Protocol's Futures Exchange.

FAMS is a middle-layer smart contract system that allows Horizon Protocol Futures traders to intelligently manage their margin across perpetual futures markets by automatically performing multi-step operations by batch executing these actions in a single transaction, improving the overall UX for the user.

Using FAMS in Horizon Protocol Futures

FAMS make Limit and Stop Loss possible by automating the multi-step transactions via batch execution.

FAMS is a part of Futures trading on Horizon Protocol. Every user is required to set up a non-KYC account on Horizon Protocol Futures before they can start trading.

Setting up your account includes the following steps:

  1. Create Account - Approve the FAMS middle-layer to act on your behalf to automate actions such as limit and stop-loss orders. Requires signing with your wallet.

  2. Deposit Margin - deposit the funds you want to use in Horizon Futures. Only the funds deposited can be used by FAMS. It cannot touch other assets in your wallet.

  3. Fund Keeper - to access limit and stop-loss orders, the Keeper must be funded. The Keeper is what is used to automate and batch-execute multi-step operations on your behalf. Without funding the Keeper, you will be limited to just Market actions without Take Profit/Stop Loss orders.

Learn more about the Account Setup process here: 2. Set up your Account.

How the FAMS contracts work

For more details about how the contracts work, please visit our Github:

Future Development

Horizon Protocol's FAMS is flexible and fully upgradable, meaning further multi-step operations can be implemented and integrated seamlessly.

If there are any requests or suggestions, please connect with our Community Managers on Telegram or Discord.

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