Horizon Academy


Latest update - October 7, 2022
Horizon Protocol Roadmap Update - October 7, 2022


  • UI/UX Upgrades
  • Adding new zAssets
  • Implementation of HIPs
These are items that essentially never end. zAssets will keep getting added on Horizon Exchange. The user-interface and user-experience will continuously improve depending on the feedback we get from our community.

Coming Up in Q3 2022

  • Horizon Exchange [COMPLETED and LIVE]
  • Horizon Genesis 2.0 [COMPLETED and LIVE]
  • Horizon Dashboard 1.5 — Testnet / Mainnet
  • Horizon Academy Beta [COMPLETED and LIVE]
  • Chainlink Keeper integration
Besides the ongoing tasks, these are the items that we’re currently focused on getting delivered in Q2. Below we will briefly explain each item.

Horizon Academy Beta

As our products expand, so will our docs. Our current docs won’t be able to host everything that we have planned, while keeping them comprehensible for the reader. This is why we want to introduce Horizon Academy. Horizon Academy is a knowledge base for all things related to Horizon Protocol. Definitions, explanations, tutorials, FAQs, will all be added and linked to Horizon Academy for easy access.

In the Pipeline

  • Collateralized zAsset Shorting
  • zBaskets (Market Index zAssets)
  • Trading Competitions / Social Trading
  • Add new zAsset collateral options/wrappers
  • Integrate Chainlink Keepers
  • Bridge to ETH and incentivize staking pools on Uniswap
  • Horizon Governance (HIPs) 1.0
  • Perpetual Futures Trading 1.0
  • Options Trading 1.0
  • … many more!
These are items that are planned to be added to Horizon Protocol after we complete our current objectives. As time goes on, these items will be moved into our active quarter goals when we get there. These items are in no particular order, so we are eager to hear what excites you guys the most or if there are items that are not on the list that should be, please let us know!


  • Horizon Dashboard 1.5 (Mainnet) Improved UI/UX and provide the additional global portfolio data to HZN stakers and traders
  • Horizon Genesis 2.0 (Mainnet) Improved UI/UX with debt tracking analytics, escrow rewards tracking, and history.
  • Horizon Exchange 1.0 (Mainnet)
  • Horizon Staker + 3 Pools
  • PancakeSwap IFO
  • Horizon Protocol Smart Contract Deployment (Mainnet)
  • Litepaper
This shows everything that has been completed thus far. Expect this to become a whole lot more!