c. Get Testnet zUSD

Besides Testnet ETH, you will also need Testnet zUSD in order to be able to place and close positions on Horizon Futures Testnet V2.

To make this an easy process, we have created our own faucet on the testnet page. There is a daily limit of 100 zUSD to ensure fair distribution to all testers.

  • Connect your wallet (should you be connected to the wrong network, the page will ask you to switch).

  • In the top right corner you will see a button labeled “FAUCET”. Click on that.

  • A pop up will appear showing the ETH faucet, HZN faucet and zUSD faucet. Click on “Claim zUSD”.

  • Confirm transaction. Make sure that you have testnet ETH for gas fees, otherwise you will be met with a prompt telling you that “you do not have enough ETH”.

You are now ready to try out Horizon Futures Testnet V2! Go to your Account Manager and deposit zUSD to be used as margin in your trades.

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