b. Get Arbitrum Sepolia ETH

Get Arbitrum Sepolia ETH

Before you can use Horizon Futures Testnet V2 you will need Arbitrum Sepolia testnet ETH to fund the keeper for any automated action. Once Horizon Futures has launched onto BNB Chain mainnet, it will require BNB for the upkeep.

There are several methods to obtain Arbitrum testnet tokens, all of which have their own requirements and daily limits. In this guide we will explain two of them.


This is the easiest way to claim some Arbitrum Sepolia testnet tokens:

  • Select Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet.

  • Fill in your Arbitrum testnet wallet address.

  • Click on “Get Tokens”.

  • Pass machine verification.

And that’s it! You’ll receive your testnet tokens shortly.

This faucet has a daily limit of 0.01 ETH to prevent abuse and ensure fair distribution.

If you didn’t receive any tokens this could be due to:

  • Your device was not verified successfully

  • You've hit the daily limit (24 hours)

  • There may be a temporary issue with the faucet, try again later

Miner + Bridge

Sepolia PoW Faucet lets the user mine testnet ETH. This is to prevent bots from collecting all the free tokens, and ensure that everyone can get a fair amount.

Because the faucet gives Ethereum Sepolia tokens this process will take 2 steps: Mining the tokens, then bridging them to the correct network.

This faucet has a daily limit of 1.50 ETH, so it’s a much easier method to get a lot more testnet ETH. However, because of that the process requires more effort.

Step 1: The Miner

This will start the mining process, which will make use of your device’s CPU power. This prevents people using powerful GPUs from claiming an unfair amount of testnet token, ensuring a fair distribution to everyone

You can assign more workers, which will increase your hashrate and speed up the mining process. However, assigning more workers will require more CPU power and slow down your device.

When you’re done, you click on “Stop Mining”. If you have more than the minimum claim reward (0.05) you can click on “Claim Rewards” and the ETH will be transferred to your address. Should you have less than the minimum claim reward, you can continue to mine until you have reached the required amount.

Step 2: The Bridge

The ETH you received is on the Ethereum Sepolia network. For the purpose of our testnet we need to transfer these to the Arbitrum Sepolia network. The process to do this is quite simple:

Should you get an error when trying to confirm the transaction saying “You do not have enough SepoliaETH to pay for transaction fees”, click on “Reject” and lower the amount you want to move so there is sufficient gas for the move.

That’s it! You now have Arbitrum Sepolia test tokens with which you can now fund the Horizon Futures Testnet Keeper and pay for the gas of your transactions on https://testnet.horizonprotocol.com/. Now let's get some zUSD!

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