Step 1. Acquiring zUSD

Traders have three primary methods for acquiring zUSD:

-Swap from any asset to zUSD on 1inch

Swap/bridge from any asset/chain to zUSD by using the Socket integration in Horizon Protocol.

-Swap from any asset to zBNB on 1inch, then exchange to zUSD on Horizon Exchange.

- Leverage HZN with a FREE zUSD loan:

Stake HZN in the protocol to borrow zUSD. Earn from exchange trading fees and a share of HZN from the token's monetary policy. Learn more about staking.

- Wrappers/zAsset Loans (coming soon):

Use Horizon Protocol wrappers for a 1:1 ratio crypto-to-zAsset without slippage.

Leverage crypto collateral through Horizon Protocol loans to borrow zAssets.

Step 2. Deposit zUSD into an isolated Futures margin account:

Once you have successfully acquired zUSD, the available amount of zUSD will show up under your wallet balance and Spot account, the next step is to deposit a set amount of funds to a Futures market. Horizon Futures uses an isolated margin model which keeps potential losses or gains limited to that specific allocation, separate from their overall account balance.

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