BNB Chain Network Set Up

Setting up RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoints is crucial for traders engaging in decentralized finance (DeFi) futures exchanges. RPC endpoints act as the bridge between a trader's application or wallet, and the blockchain network where the decentralized exchange operates.

If your wallet doesn't have BNB RPC endpoints preconfigured, Horizon Futures will use its own selection of RPCs and recommend them to the frontend.

Why Set Up or Change RPC Nodes?

When you're making transactions, you might encounter "errors," which usually means the RPC URL you're using has hit its call limits.

How to Change RPC URL:

Locate Wallet Settings: In your wallet settings for the BNB Chain network, find the RPC URL settings.

Update RPC URL: Adjust the RPC URL to resolve call limit issues.

Reliable RPC URLs:

Access Reliable RPC URLs (less likely to face call limit problems):

- Visit

- Under the BNB Chain, click on "Add to Metamask."

- Alternatively, manually add a reliable RPC address listed on the site.

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