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Genesis FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Horizon Genesis


What are the contract addresses?
Why HZN?
What are the tokenomics of HZN?
What was the initial minted distribution for HZN?
How will the 60M ecosystem funds be used?
Will there be a deflation mechanism later?
Can we see any statistics in real-time?


How do I stake my HZN?
How can I unstake HZN?
Why can I still see my HZN in my wallet even though I have staked it?
Why is my HZN staked amount constantly changing?
What does staking have to do with minting and burning?
Why is there a timer blocking me from burning my zUSD?
When I stake HZN, and there is the possibility of liquidation, to what degree is my position "leveraged"? I still have my balance of HZN. The threat of liquidation implies that it is leveraged, but this scenario does not seem to entail it?

Managing C-Ratio

What is C-Ratio?
What happens if my C-Ratio drops below 700%?
How do I know how much zUSD to burn in order to rebalance my C-Ratio to 700%?
When exactly am I in the liquidation zone?
When I burn zUSD, do I also burn my HZN?
How come no transferable HZN is showing up when I burn zUSD?


How are my rewards calculated for staking HZN in Horizon Genesis?
How do I maximize rewards?
How long do I have to claim my rewards?
Will I still gain rewards if I don’t claim this week’s rewards?
When do my rewards stop calculating?
Why is the reward claim period only 1 week?
Why can’t there be a setting to auto burn every 3 days, auto claim and auto stake rewards?
How long are my rewards in escrow for?

Token Information

What is transferable HZN?
What other forms of collateral will be available to use on Horizon Protocol?
What is zUSD and how is it backed?
What can I do with zUSD?
Where do zUSDs come from?
How can I see zUSD in my wallet?
How can I convert my zUSD to BUSD and add liquidity to the zUSD/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap?