Horizon Academy

Phiên bảnPhiên bản này của Horizon Academy đã bị lỗi thời! Để tìm phiên bản mới nhất, vui lòng truy cập: English V2 (hiện chỉ có bằng tiếng Anh)

Horizon Academy is a knowledge base for all things related to Horizon Protocol. Definitions, explanations, tutorials, FAQs, will all be added and linked to Horizon Academy for easy access.

To get started, please click head on over to the Horizon Protocol page.


Horizon DeFi Podcast

We have recently started our podcast, Horizon DeFi Podcast, where we explore DeFi, synthetic assets, and the potential impact they will have on our economy. We also go in-depth behind the scenes on what Horizon Protocol is doing. Links available below:

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