Current Feature Requests

As of 2022-05-03

This version of Horizon Academy has been deprecated! To find the latest version, please visit: English V2

Welcome to the Feature Requests page, where we list out the current Future Requests that have been suggested. We will gradually add to this list and remove the ones that we have completed.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Community Managers via Telegram or Discord if you have any feature requests you would like to share.

Horizon Genesis

  • We didn’t have a single liquidation since Horizon Genesis began. Can we reduce the minimum C-ratio to 400%? 600%?

  • Show staker's liquidation (200%) price.

  • Add something like a qualifying quiz. Something where users have to acknowledge that they understand the implications before they're allowed to stake or trade.

  • Give stakers the opportunity to withdraw their rewards before the 1Y lock is over, but penalize them by taking away x% HZN based on how many weeks before the lock period ends they wish to withdraw. Then either burn or redistribute that x% HZN.

  • Add a calendar showing the amount of HZN that will get unlocked each week.

  • Implement a notification system (for example users can input an email address) for when ratios go too high/low or escrowed rewards become unlocked. (Is this even realistic?)

  • Show how much additional HZN I need to buy to be able to get my ratio to 800% with a link to the exchange and show how much it is in $.

Horizon Exchange

  • Is it possible to add total volume statistics of Horizon Exchange, preferably per day/week/month?

  • Can we add a betting/gambling function to Horizon Exchange? Or lotteries?

  • Copy well-performing portfolios of other people by selecting addresses from a leaderboard.

  • Add a referral program.

Horizon Dashboard

  • The footer on Horizon Dashboard includes the logo of Horizon Protocol. Could we make that clickable, redirecting the user to the main website?

  • The footer on Horizon Dashboard has a lot of empty space between the logo and the socials, can we add HZN/zUSD contract addresses there? It may make it easier for new users to find them straight away.

  • Add total/circ/locked/ecofund supply in HZN token amount.

  • Include the value of the HZN-BNB and BUSD-zUSD LP pairs on Dashboard.

Horizon Academy

  • Can we add translations to Horizon Academy?

  • Add educational videos, such as: How staking works, how zUSD maintains its peg, how are zAssets sufficiently collateralized, how if zUSD for example is at $0.80 someone with $1,000 BTC can cash out of Horizon Exchange with $1,000 and not $800, better (=more simple) explanation for the need of Oracle checks and the timers/waiting time they're set at.


  • Is it possible to list Horizon Exchange on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?

  • Can we edit the roadmap to show more clearly which future tools will get added? For example, by looking at the roadmap's "in the pipeline" section, it doesn't become instantly clear whether leverage trading, margin trading, limit orders, are included. Perhaps we could add it to the text under the image on Horizon Academy as to not bloat up the image too much?

  • Create contests, example: What would the exact price for HZN at next snapshot? The closest answer wins. Prize pool shared if same answer is correct.

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