C-Ratio Strategies

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With the target C-Ratio and fluctuating prices, there are a variety of approaches to staking HZN based on your risk tolerance. These 3 preset strategies are designed to make it easy to maintain a certain C-Ratio by easily minting or burning zUSD.

Conservative Strategy (Lower Risk)

A conservative strategy aims to stake HZN and mint zUSD at rate 50% higher the target C-Ratio (1100%) in order to remain comfortably within the range of being able to claim rewards. This higher C-Ratio (and lower risk) comes at a cost of less zUSD being minted and therefore less rewards. This strategy is better for users who can't check in to manage their positions as frequently and give themselves are larger buffer against the volatility of HZN. An even more conservative ratio of greater than 1200% can be maintained as well if the user wants to further de-risk their debt position.

Neutral Strategy (Moderate Risk)

A neutral strategy aims to be a middle ground between the conservative and aggressive strategy at 900% C-Ratio. This strategy increases your risk slightly relative to the conservative strategy but also earns more rewards.

Aggressive Strategy (High Risk)

An aggressive staker stays as close to the target C-Ratio (700%) as possible and mints as much zUSD as possible to maximize rewards. This is high risk due to the fact that if the price of HZN decreases at all from the point where they minted zUSD, the staker cannot claim any rewards. This strategy requires very active management to maintain their C-Ratio in order to collect rewards and prevent liquidation as the buffer zone to liquidation is much lower than the conservative and neutral strategies.

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