Trading on Exchange

This version of Horizon Academy has been deprecated! To find the latest version, please visit: English V2

Welcome to Horizon Exchange! To get started, go to Horizon Exchange, connect your wallet, and let’s get started!


The ‘Markets’ tab is an overview of the synthetic asset (zAsset) market available on Horizon Exchange. You can see market highlights: top gainer (24h), top loser (24h), highest volume (24h), and the largest zAsset. And, check out different zAssets in various categories.

Select the market you want to trade in!


The ‘Trade’ tab is where you can buy and sell zAssets! Try selecting the zAsset you wish to trade, we’ll use zDOGE for this guide. You can use the TradingView chart to help you make a decision.

You can enter an amount to buy in zUSD, zDOGE, or use the slider to select a percentage amount.

You can similarly sell a zAsset by selecting ‘SELL zXXX’.

Let’s buy some zDOGE.

Your buy or sell trade will go into ‘Pending’ status whilst the transaction is sent to the blockchain.

Oracle Check’ status when your transaction has succeeded and is in the 3 minute oracle front running prevention period. Learn more about oracle front running here.

Completed’ status after the oracle check is complete.

Congratulations! You’ve traded your first synthetic asset and it has been added to your portfolio allocation!

Let’s buy some more zAssets.


The ‘Portfolio’ tab lets you track how your portfolio performs.

  • Track your portfolio value over time

  • See your trade history

  • View your overall portfolio allocation and break it down by zAsset

  • Manage fee settlements (Learn more about the oracle heart beat and how exchange fees are handled)

You now have a portfolio giving you exposure to borderless global derivatives from around the world!

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