An Introduction to Horizon Exchange

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Horizon Exchange hosts a marketplace of zAssets by utilizing industry-leading oracles to track their price movement.

The exchange allows for simple market trades of typical underlying assets including commodities, stocks, bonds, interest rates, currencies, crypto, and advanced derivatives trading of all kinds of synthetic assets, including forwards, futures, options, and swaps. Derivatives and synthetic assets allow investors to earn large returns from small movements in the underlying asset's price.

Product Offerings & Features

Horizon Exchange provides a myriad of financial products, including Shorts, Futures, Leverage, Options, Limit Orders, Stop Losses, Index Assets, FNFTs, and more.

With Horizon Exchange, there is zero slippage on trades and infinite liquidity because unlike traditional market exchanges, Horizon Exchange has no need for an order book nor counter party matching.

Horizon Exchange also provides a suite of trading tools, including Portfolio tracking and analytics, trade histories, technical charts, and more.

Trading on Horizon Exchange

Trading on Horizon Exchange is very easy.

For most users, the starting point is acquiring zUSD from either Horizon Genesis via staking or trading for it directly on a DEX or CEX.

Once you have zUSD, you can go to Horizon Exchange and purchase the zAsset of your choice.

The Future of Horizon Exchange

Horizon Exchange facilitates the trading of synthetic assets and the development path focuses around access. Along with more trading tools, the main goal will be to create a myriad of zAssets that mimic the risk reward profiles of derivative assets all over the world to create a truly, borderless financial market for synthetic assets.

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